The Fun Collab You’re Going to Want to Read About

Stop the presses! I got to collaborate with Kendra Scott on their new summer collection!

To say I’m excited, obsessed, and so thrilled would be an understatement.

The pieces I’m about to share are really versatile, simple, but make a statement all their own!

Scroll down to shop my entire look, PLUS there’s a discount code waiting for you 🙂


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Happy shopping, babes!


This is 31!

Well, today is the day, y’all. I am 31.

First of all, I’m like, where’d the year go? I have such a FUN outfit to share, plus keep scrolling to read 31 things about me.

HBD (100 of 230)HBD (19 of 230)HBD (151 of 230)HBD (169 of 230)HBD (91 of 230)HBD (141 of 230)HBD (106 of 230)HBD (183 of 230)HBD (177 of 230)HBD (186 of 230)HBD (184 of 230)HBD (229 of 230)HBD (180 of 230)

Shop: Sunnies, Dress, Shoes, Bangles, Earrings

Do we have anything in common?! Let me know!

  1. I was born in Chicago, but moved to Texas the summer before third grade, so I consider myself Texan
  2. I’m the youngest of three (I have an older sister and older brother)
  3. My favorite accessory is a great statement earring
  4. I am binging VEEP right now and it is literally The Office but with politics
  5. I’ve been to seven other countries
  6. I used to be a high school English teacher
  7. Favorite luxury brand? Gucci
  8. This upcoming weekend will be the 13th wedding I’ve been in
  9. I went to Ole Miss for undergrad and grad school. HOTTY TODDY!
  10. Best trend? Fabulous headbands!
  11. Favorite band of all time? Fleetwood Mac
  12. My mom came up with my blog name
  13. I used to go to summer camp for six weeks in middle school
  14. Biggest fashion inspo? Hunter McGrady
  15. Two summers ago, I took a leap of faith, quit my job and moved to Houston
  16. I hate onions. Like, hate. LOATHE!
  17. Cutting bangs last summer was the worst decision I’ve ever made
  18. I’m a big fan of musicals. Wicked, Mama Mia, you name it, I’ve watched it!
  19. Favorite jeans? Good American. Looking for a a more affordable option? Old Navy or Loft!
  20. I was in a Mardi Gras Krewe last year, the ball was the best part!
  21. I binge watched six seasons of Game of Thrones in a little over three weeks. I barely slept. It was awesome.
  22. I’m a gemini and the older I get, the more I resonate with my horoscope
  23. My favorite vacation spot? Miami
  24. My very best friends have been my bffs since middle school
  25. Favorite fast food? Whataburger
  26. Years ago, I had a herniated disc and a bulging disc
  27. Most helpful way to relax? Getting a massage!
  28. I love to read! My favorite book? The Girl’s Guide to Hunting and Fishing (spoiler, it’s not about hunting and fishing lol)
  29. People have said my name wrong my entire life. Leeza, Lisa, Lizza. I still correct people lol I think my parents giving me this name has made me stronger
  30. I’m a dog person
  31. 30 started off great, but has challenged me in many ways. I’m really looking forward to kicking off a great 31st year!

If you made it this far, thanks for reading!

I appreciate and love y’all so much for always showing me love!


Wedding Guest Style

Happy Friday, y’all!

I’ve got my last wedding season look up and it’s for attending the actual nuptials for a curvy guest. This is my absolute favorite dress. The pleating, the sleeve details, and the color just speak to me. It feels very Blair Eadie/Atlantic-Pacific to me. This dress makes me feel like a million bucks!

RLD (8 of 404)RLD (48 of 404)RLD (82 of 404)RLD (122 of 404)RLD (42 of 404)RLD (235 of 404)RLD (317 of 404)RLD (139 of 404)RLD (63 of 404)RLD (224 of 404)RLD (292 of 404)RLD (369 of 404)

Shop: Dress, Shoes, Earrings, Bag

Again, big thanks to my pals at Eloquii for these fun dresses! Can’t wait to break them out for wedding season!

Thanks for checking out the blog today, y’all! Have a great weekend!


A Flirty Dress

Y’all! Rehearsal dinners. Let’s talk about ’em. This is such a fun event in wedding season. Speeches are happening, drinks are flowing, pictures are being posted with the official wedding hashtag. So what do you wear when you’re a curvy guest? I’ve got the perfect look.

This off the shoulder dress in marigold is the perfect thing! It’s fitted, it’s off the shoulder, and it’s a lightweight fabric.

YD (60 of 413)YD (241 of 413)YD (355 of 413)YD (384 of 413)YD (77 of 413)YD (66 of 413)YD (304 of 413)YD (403 of 413)YD (341 of 413)YD (377 of 413)YD (143 of 413)YD (82 of 413)YD (109 of 413)

Shop: Dress, Shoes, Bag, Earrings (here and here), Sunnies

Thanks for stopping by y’all! The final wedding season look will be up tomorrow – it’s my fave!