Botanical Gardens and Butterflies

Botanical Gardens and Butterflies

Y’ALL. A few weeks ago, I had the most magical visit to the San Antonio Botanical Gardens. This spot, in particular, is like something out of Jurassic Park. I half expected Jeff Goldblum to pop out.

Scroll through to see my Gardens look and how I styled this gorgeous handmade butterfly necklace!

pearl + botanical (30 of 94)pearl + botanical (33 of 94)pearl + botanical (34 of 94)

My super-talented new friend, Anna Leigh, of Anna Leigh Jewelry, sent me this BEAUT of a butterfly necklace. She has several collections, but her encrusted collection is made up of vintage fragments that she combines into new silhouettes for the modern girl. How amazing is that? Right now, you can shop her ENTIRE site and get 20% using my code: THATBLONDEREBEL

pearl + botanical (39 of 94)pearl + botanical (41 of 94)pearl + botanical (42 of 94)

Shop my look: Sunnies (here), Earrings (here), Bracelet (here), Necklace (here), Top (curvy here, regular here), Jeans (here), Bag (here and here), Shoes (here)

If you are ever in San Antonio, I strongly encourage you to visit the Botanical Gardens, you WILL NOT regret it. Just be sure to buy a bottle of water and wear comfy shoes (two things I did not do)!

Happy Monday, friends!

Liza Mae

Look at the Time…

Look at the Time…

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

I recently partnered with Jord Watches and let me tell you… I am loving checking my wrist for the time and seeing this Frankie watch in dark Sandalwood with its emerald face on my arm.

As an added bonus, Jord Watches is treating one of my lucky followers to $100! You can enter through July 31st and the winner will be announced August 1st. Even if you don’t win, you will still receive $25. Click the link below:

Scroll through to see how I styled my watch and how this outfit will transition seamlessly into Fall. I’ve linked everything at the bottom of the post!

pearl + botanical (3 of 94)pearl + botanical (2 of 94)pearl + botanical (11 of 94)pearl + botanical (9 of 94)pearl + botanical (12 of 94)pearl + botanical (18 of 94)pearl + botanical (26 of 94)

Top (shop it here), Earrings (shop them here), Sunnies (shop similar here), Watch (shop it here), Jeans (shop them here), Bracelets (shop them here and here), Bag (shop similar here), Shoes (shop them here)

On a styling note, gingham isn’t going anywhere, even as we transition to Fall. I am LIVING for this berry color and it’ll be great with some skinny jeans tucked into some distressed boots.

Cheers to wood watches and berry gingham!

Xoxo, Liza

My Mother’s Daughter

My Mother’s Daughter

Goldie and Kate. Meryl and Mamie. Peggy and Rashida. Judy and Liza. Diana and Tracee. Angela and Margherita. Reese and Ava.

What do all these fabulous women have in common?

They are mother-daughter duos. And I am lucky enough to be a part of one.


My mom loves fashion, has a heart of gold, and thinks I’m tremendously funny. Being the baby of the family, I got quite a bit of mommy and me time growing up. Of course, we went through that typical difficult teenager stuff. Obvs we are both alive to tell the tales.

One thing we have always had in common is our love for fashion.


My outfit: Sunnies (here), Top (here similar here and here), Jeans (here), Bag (here), Shoes (here), Earrings (here), Bracelets (here and here)

Frickspicks started her blogging journey several years ago and I was happy to partake by being her Instagram Husband. I got to boss my mom around and she’d buy me WhataB for my time. WIN-WIN. On a more serious, but happy note, she has continued to thrive and I think one thing that inspires me on my own blogging adventure is her authenticity. She keeps it real and I admire that immensely.

Being a mother-daughter duo makes us each other’s harshest critic, but also each other’s biggest fan. She tells me when I look great and when I should change something (or when I have lipstick on my teeth, which happens quite often tbh) and I do the same for her. Our opinions don’t always align, but that doesn’t bother us. The number one thing I love about our relationship is the encouragement. I am always encouraging her to live her best life, take a risk, wear the heels. And whether it’s about my professional life or personal life, she is my #1 fan. I would not have started this blog without her words of support. I will always be grateful to her for a million+ things, but I am extremely grateful that we get to do something so fun together.

Fashion is definitely our fun space and the amount of fun we have may change as I move to Houston on Friday. But I also think it will make us appreciate the time we do get together. Here’s to new photoshoot locations, finding the best bellini in Houston, and making more memz!

To sum it up, the older I get, the more I realize my mom is the best best friend I could ever ask for and I am so, so lucky.

Xoxo, Liza Mae

p.s. Mom – if you’re reading this… thank you for all the years of advice I should have listened to!



A Boozy Brunch is ALWAYS a Good Idea

Happy Sunday, y’all!

My day started out with a great brunch for belated birthdays for two of the sweetest gals in San Antonio. Anna is my dear college friend who has become more of my lifeline in San Antonio and I will miss her and her adorable family SO MUCH.

My uber-stylish friend Kaki of KakiPants blog (GO CHECK OUT HER AMAZE STYLE – she is chicer than I will ever hope to be) organized the beautiful event. There were arrangements of flowers, strawberry and carrot cake cupcakes from WholeFoods, and pancake wrapped sausages in blueberry sauce (did your mouth just water?), plus every single girl looked GLAM.

The birthday/booze fest was held at Feast, an AMAZING brunch spot in San Antonio, located in Southtown. We had champagne with our choice of guava or orange juice (UM GUAVA PLZ!). I ordered the WT, which is two eggs sunny side up, candied bacon, sausage gravy over a biscuit, and herb smothered potatoes. I am currently in a food coma.

Here’s what I wore after finding that what I wanted to wear – a white pleated midi dress – needs a trip to the dry-cleaners immediately. These sunnies and chunky lucite necklace are currently on sale, plus an additional 30% off! YOU NEED THEM YOU GUYZ.


Sunnies (here), Necklace (here), Top (similar here), Bracelets (here, here, and here), Jeans (here), Tote (similar here), Shoes (here)

I hope your day is filled with sunshine, swan pool floaties, and an adult beverage (or two)!

Xoxo, Liza Mae

Cotton Candy Bliss and Unicorn Dreams

… that is what happy girls are made of.


Y’all. Okay. Where do I even begin?

My sweet Mama (Frickspicks. The Real Golden Girl. She’s amaze. Check her out immediately!) and I were headed out for lunch with some gal pals this past week and as I stood in the middle of my closet feeling rushed and stressed and sweaty-palmed… I thought to myself, “It’s summertime and the livin’s easy… what look says happy?!’

AND this is what I came up with…


This super-fun top screamed at me to try her on at my local Anthropologie the other day (don’t worry, I’ve linked it for you at the bottom of the post!) and it was love at first sight. There are googly eyes in some of the pouches. Yes, you heard that right. GOOGLY EYES, y’all. This top had the best effect on me. I felt happy, confident, sassy, and fun, ready-to-tackle-the-day/live-my-best-life kind of vibes. The moment I pulled this sweet thing over my head, it gave me zest and excitement and energy… LIFE y’all, it gave me LIFE. I knew I had to have it, wear it, and love it for many years to come. This top is an absolute TREAT and a TREASURE.


Because I was going with pretty much an all-white ensemble, I knew my accessories had to POP. These super fun (and COMFORTABLE) pink mules brought out the pinks in the top. I was feelin’ it. If I wanted to tone this down a bit, next time I’d go for a denim skinny jean with more of a neutral shoe.

My ombre shades were the perfect thing to pull this look together and I found you four similar pairs $30 AND UNDER — one pair was only $12 (all linked below)!


Sunnies (options here, here, here, and here), Top (here), Earrings (similar here), Bracelets (similar here and here), Jeans (here), Shoes (here), Straw Tote (options here and here)

Moral of the story: If something speaks to you, do it. An amaze blouse. Fierce pair of shoes. Cake. Hot air balloon ride. See where I’m going with this?

Life is short, but sweet for certain (Thanks, DMB for that lyric), so choose happiness, in whatever form that may be.

Cheers to a great weekend ahead!

Xoxo, Liza

Hip Hip Hooray! It’s Almost Independence Day!

Hip Hip Hooray! It’s Almost Independence Day!

Did you know the United States is one of the only countries with a known birthday?

So whether you are grilling at the neighbor’s, taking in the fireworks at the local country club, or camping out at the parade, a fun, festive little dress could be just right for you (just don’t forget the bug spray)!

Parties and hotdogs aside, I do believe whole-heartedly in the Red, White, and Blue and everything our Lady Liberty and flag stand for (just maybe throw in a little dash of pink).

Now, y’all know, I love any excuse to get a little dressed up.

And it is America’s birthday, after all.

Scroll through this post for a look that is a top contender for my 4th of July frock!


Dress (options here, here, and here), Earrings (here), Bracelets (here and similar here), Sunnies (here), Shoes (here), Purse (here and here)

So whatever it is you are doing this long, beautifully patriotic weekend, stay safe. Stay grateful. And stay lookin’ cute, my friends!

Wishing you fireworks, popsicles, and matching Old Navy flag tees!

Xoxo, L Mae

Outfit Planning & Picking

Outfit Planning & Picking

Here’s the age old question you ask your bestie before any event,

“What’re you gonna wear?”

*And how about a shout-out to our gal-pals that actually tell you and don’t just say, “I dunno” when they actually do know? There’s a special spot in heaven for you fashion angels!

Even now, I can look back at my #instablogger feed and think, “Wow, I def should not have worn that together.” Now, no one’s perfect, even us amateur-bloggers. It’s the climb (right, Miley?). With that being said, though, here are a few things to consider when staring into the abyss of your closet and feeling like the world is going to come crashing down because you’ve got thirty-five minutes to pull it together and you’re still in your robe with wet hair.

Where am I going? Always consider where you are going. Is this outdoors? Indoors? What’s the weather like? Am I feeling bloated today? All good questions. I am typically a jeans and top kind of girl, but if I’m feeling up to the extra work (aka shaving my legs, applying lotion to shaved legs, making sure my calves don’t look too big because my shoes cut me off at the ankles. Real talk though, I have super thick calves. I blame my dad), I will throw on a fun dress. If not, jeans it is.


Who am I going to see? Are you going out for a girls-only, mimosa and gossip-filled brunch? Or are you watching the game with your man and his friends at the local watering hole? The biggest thing here is comfort. You should feel comfortable in your surroundings and not tugging at the off-the-shoulder top that just won’t stop sliding up. When I say who am I going to see, I don’t mean you need to dress for other people, but know your audience. For example, a dive bar, full of testosterone and buckets of beer, that serves peanuts probs doesn’t call for you wearing your uber-pricy Valentino rock-studs that you saved for four months to buy, right? You know those peanut shells will be stuck ALL over and you will be worried about it the whole time instead of just having fun watching your college team get pummeled because the O-line can’t defend their QB (Again, Ole Miss, I’m looking at you. Here’s to a better season. Sigh.).


And finally, what does the rest of my day look like? Am I sitting all afternoon? Are we walking around? Do I have to go to the grocery store later? Headed to a club? Is that dinner with Grandma tonight? Think ahead, plan ahead. Headed to the beach for an after-dinner cocktail? Throw a light shawl in your bag in case it’s windy, if not, use it as a makeshift blanket! Be resourceful, y’all. 

*Don’t choose a big event to be the time to break in your new shoes. Regardless of height or style, chances are your dogs will be barking or licking their wounds (aches and blisters) not long after you take that last look in your full length mirror and silently think to yourself, “How long until I can come back home, throw on sweatpants, and watch the rest of A Handmaid’s Tale?”


Sunnies (here), Earrings (here), Top (on sale NOW, less than $24, curvy here, regs here), Bracelets (here and similar here), Bag (similar here and here), Jeans (here), Shoes (here)

Be comfortable, be happy, and have fun! Fashion is supposed to fun, after all.

Toodles Poodles, Liza

Make a Statement

Make a Statement

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I am a total SUCKER for a great statement earring!

My insta-pal, Katie Bartels, is a gem (Pun intended? Perhaps) of a jewelry designer and her love of color pretty much defines me. Are we soul sisters? I’d say YAS (insert twin girl emoji)!

Scroll down for some fun inspo I created with two pairs of her ear candy goodness! There’s also something in it for Y-O-U at the bottom of this post!


Earrings (here), Dress (here), Sunnies (here), Bracelets (here and here), Shoes (here), Clutch (similar here)

This yellow just pops. The bright tassels pop. This earring might be my earring of the summer! Too much fun!


Earrings (here), Sunnies (similar here), Top (here), Clutch (here), Jeans (similar here), Shoes (here)

I feel like I have on green tasseled burritos! These lil’ guys are so fun and are perfect for anyone looking to brighten up their summer outfit! I kept it simple with black on the bottom and a denim top. I also see this green jiving well with an all-white ensemble!

Now here’s the great part for you! From now, TODAY (June 21st) until July 5th, you can get 15% off any order from Katie Bartels’ site using code: thatblonderebel

Well, don’t just sit there scrollin’ people, get to shoppin’!

Xoxo, Liza

5 Things I have Learned as I Enter the Last Year of my 20’s

Well, today I am the big 2-9! And as I enter the last year of my twenties, I have to say I have learned quite a bit about life and loss and family and friends and everything in between. That being said, I am looking forward to all the newness 29 will bring. Here are five takeaways* my twenties has taught me!

*This list could change seeing as how I have one more year left in the 20’s, but you get the idea


Dress (similar here and here), Sunnies (here), Earrings (here), Shoes (here)

1. Quality vs. Quantity: When I was in my early twenties, consumerism was at an all-time high. Instant gratification. What is it people say about millennials? We want what we want and we want it now? There was minimal responsibility and an emphasis on maximum fun. It was about quantity. How much stuff can I get? How many friends do I have? Is my image portraying what I want people to see? But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that quantity is fleeting and quality is long-lasting. Whether it’s friendships or a purse, quality should be what gets you to buy-in. I mean, of course you have that beach bag that you don’t mind ruining in the sand, but a YSL clutch for a nice dinner? Save your pennies for the good stuff. Appreciate that good stuff that you worked hard for.

And yes, you have those good-time gals, the ones that are your go-to for a fun night out. But when stuff hits the fan, and believe me, stuff will hit the fan, who gets in the nitty gritty with you to pull you out, who takes the good with the bad and the not-so-pretty? I’ve got a couple of besties who fit both of those bills and I consider myself extremely lucky. Holding onto stuff (toxic relationships, worn shoes with no soles (and no soul, get it?), a hardened nail polish from 2007) only holds you back. Choose carefully and wisely who and what you choose to surround yourself with.

Remember, Elizabeth Taylor said, “It’s not the having – it’s the getting.”

2. Loss is Inevitable, but Never Lose Hope: We lose a lot in life: friends, jobs, relationships, football games (I see you, Ole Miss). People we love dearly pass away. There is a grieving process for it all. There’s a shock to your system when you lose someone or something. Sometimes the loss doesn’t even feel real. This may sound overplayed, but life goes by quickly and sometimes you wake up and just pick up the pieces and move on, but a piece of you is stuck in your grief, in your sadness, and you feel like you’ll never move forward wholly. Never lose your sense of hope. Hope for better, hope for healing, for mending. If you don’t follow @theloveletterlibrary on Insta, go follow them now. Shoutout to my friend Anna for sharing their Gram with me. They posted such a beautiful post about hope and I couldn’t say it any better, so I’ll leave this section with this:

Even in what seems like the darkest of times, hope has a tendency to spark even the tiniest glimmer of light. It holds on to your heart and refuses to let go. It demands to not only be seen but to be felt. Hope teaches us that there are lessons in all we walk through. Hope reminds us that there are things to be thankful for at every turn. Hope holds us together long enough for our minds to catch up to our hearts. Here’s to finding the hope in all things.

3. Family is Everything: This one is pretty self-explanatory, but it’s important to mention, nonetheless. We love family, whether that family is by birth or by friendship (because friends can easily become family), but we are also hard on family. We hold them to the highest standard. But you laugh until your stomach hurts, and smile until your cheeks ache until feelings get hurt and dishes get put in the dishwasher the wrong way. The biggest takeaway from this is that you never know what Time has planned up his tricky sleeve. Say “I love you”, check in, be present. Don’t worry about those damn dishes. Forgive quickly. Hug each other. You may think that the people closest to you may know how you feel, but they might not. Do all the things you want to with the people you love and say all the things that need to be said. Hold people accountable, but don’t tear them down. Build each other up. It’s the best thing for a family. Communicate. Love one another.

And here’s a tip for some fun: have a family dance off or a lip sync battle. Endless entertainment and laughs. Guaranteed.

4. Grit: One of the greatest things my parents have bestowed upon me is a solid work ethic and the determination to not give up on myself. Things will pop up that have the potential to break you, but it’s that perseverance, that grit, that will see you through it. I felt like I took punch after punch this year, both professionally and personally, and once I felt like I got my feet back on solid ground another wave would crash down on me. So many times I felt like throwing in the towel, that I wouldn’t be able to make it another day. And you know what, it might have been awful, I might have looked and felt awful, but I showed up. Day after day to try to give others the best of me. I’ve come out on the other end of the madness of the past six months, and I am still standing. Maybe stronger now. Maybe not. But I’m here and I’m going to keep going.

5. Self-Care is Essential: And last, we all have the ability to burn out and burn out quickly if our tanks are depleted. Do yourself a favor and do at least one good thing for yourself a day. Take a walk, make a to-do list, take a hot bath, declutter your clothes, write down three things that you are thankful for, clear your head by doing some deep breathing for ten minutes. Do something. You can’t take care of anyone or anything else if you aren’t taking care of yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I have been blessed with so much, but if you read my last post, sometimes I run myself down to E and need to recharge. Don’t you?

With all that I’ve just said above, here’s to being 29 and going for it! 

Cheers, Liza

p.s. I hope I can take my own advice this year – I should probs bookmark this post

p.s.s. I hope you found this post relatable! Do you have any other takeaways from your twenties? Add to my list with a comment below!

p.p.s.s. The next post will be centered around statement earrings and a great promo for you!

The YES Girl

The YES Girl

Sometimes life throws you a curveball (or two, or three), am I right? It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, to hit the pause button on living your best life because you’ve become complacent, you’ve settled into your routine, because taking a risk, taking “the road less traveled” seems too much, too scary. Over the past couple of months, due to some pretty crazy circumstances, I felt like I became a passive participant in my own life. I had to tell myself, quite frequently, just make it through this month, this week, today. Then a few weeks later, I would have to start that same hamster wheel of words again. It’s stressful, and frankly disheartening to think that what you’re doing isn’t enough for yourself.


Top (here), Sunnies (here), Earrings (similar here and here), Bracelets (here), Purse (similar here), Jeans (here), Shoes (here)

Recently I came across this quote from Beau Taplin, The Yes Man

“I am learning to say Yes, to be daring and spontaneous, to hurl myself into people and places and moments without hesitation or second-guessing myself – to challenge my anxieties, to confront my fears, and trust unwaveringly in chance and fate to lead me to where I am supposed to be”

And I thought to myself, “Am I a YES girl?” And the answer was a shaky meh, not so much.

Kate Winslet’s character, Iris, in The Holiday, said it best when she said, “You’re supposed to be the leading lady of your own life, for God’s sake!”

Soooo… I’m taking a leap of faith, moving to a new city next month (Houston bloggers, where you at?!), and hopefully headed down a different career path. Am I scared? Yes. But I am more scared of staying in my safe little bubble. So, I ask myself again, am I a YES girl? Not yet, but I’m working on it.

If you are feeling or have ever felt like I have, I hope you find some solace in knowing you aren’t alone. Want to make a change, want to take a chance on yourself? Start by saying, “Yes“.

Xoxo, Liza