Swim Season with Lane Bryant and Cacique Intimates

Product gifted from Lane Bryant & Cacique Intimates

It’s Swim Season (even if we’re still indoors) and I wanted to share my favorites from Lane Bryant and Cacique!


Shop these pieces here:

Pink Cover-up and Black One Piece

Also loving this seersucker two piece: (Top, Bottoms)

Here’s to getting some Vitamin D in our lives soon!

Lane Bryant’s Magic Flex Waistband

 Thanks to Lane Bryant for sponsoring today’s post!

Happy Thursday, beautiful people!

I am so excited to be partnering with Lane Bryant to introduce you to their NEW Flex Magic Waistband in their most comfortable jeans EVER!

So what is their new flex magic waistband, you ask? It’s a revolutionary stretch waistband with stay-put technology, so the waistband moves with you, leading to all-day comfort when you throw a pair of these bad boys on. I’ve been wearing my new pair for weeks now, and I can truly attest to how great they are!

These jeans are available NOW and you can check them out online and in stores in sizes 10-28!

Plus, you can come hang out with me at the Fairway Plaza on August 17th from 2-4! Besides hanging with yours truly, you’ll also be able to enjoy major savings on LB’s newest jeans for Fall!

LANE (32 of 169)LANE (39 of 169)LANE (67 of 169)LANE (69 of 169)LANE (75 of 169)LANE (81 of 169)LANE (91 of 169)LANE (106 of 169)LANE (121 of 169)LANE (122 of 169)LANE (129 of 169)LANE (137 of 169)LANE (140 of 169)

Shop: Kimono, Top, Jeans, Shoes, Hoops

Hope to see you there!


That Friday Feeling

Happy Friday, y’all. Wow, does it feel good to be here. This week has been nuts. Still feeling sick, working, and I came home two nights ago to find water and mold on the walls and ceiling of my apartment. Which led to a full blown panic and sub sequential breakdown on Instagram Stories (if you didn’t see it, I’m glad they go away after 24 hours because I just straight up lost it lol). It turns out the compressor in my AC stopped working, letting lots of moisture and air causing the mold. I’m so glad this is fixable and doesn’t require me to move. No one should be moving in the city of Houston in July. It’s just too damn hot.

So here we are. After all that, it’s Friday and we made it! I’m ready for it to be 5:00 because I’m headed to Austin with my mom for a gals weekend getaway and I’m getting pampered with a massage on Saturday, so definitely looking forward to that!

On a lighter note, I’m so happy to be sharing a new look with y’all. It involved pleats, and florals, and pink, oh yea!

Scroll through to check it out!

PFT (7 of 273)PFT (108 of 273)PFT (85 of 273)PFT (14 of 273)PFT (71 of 273)PFT (140 of 273)PFT (168 of 273)PFT (175 of 273)PFT (146 of 273)PFT (273 of 273)PFT (267 of 273)PFT (162 of 273)

Shop: Top (and similar here), Jeans, Shoes, Bag, Earrings

Have a great weekend, y’all!

I’m hosting an event!


I’ve got such good news! I’m hosting an event with Lane Bryant/Cacique next Saturday for The Perfect Bra Fit Event! It’ll be at the Lane Bryant at Fairway Plaza in Pasadena. I’ll be there from 2-4 if you want to stop by!

I recently got to try the Cotton Lightly Lined Full Coverage Bra and I am obsessed! The straps are so supportive and I can’t believe how great it fits. The biggest sell of Cacique‘s bra line is that they have over 86 sizes! WHOA! What a way to be inclusive!

BW (134 of 243)BW (205 of 243)BW (105 of 243)BW (145 of 243)BW (107 of 243)BW (192 of 243)BW (202 of 243)BW (142 of 243)BW (189 of 243)BW (187 of 243)BW (236 of 243)

Shop: Dress, Earrings, Sunnies, Shoes

Hope to see you, Saturday!

The Sisterhood of the Busy Schedules

With it being the week of Valentines AND Galentine’s, I think it’s time we talk about the F word. Yea, that’s right. Friendship.

Now that I’m 30, my friendships have changed. Some have ended, some are stronger than ever, and some are new and still growing. The season that we’re in doesn’t allow for lounging with the girls very often. We have to plan (often way in advance). We’re busy, we’re working away, and we’re blooming into the adults our parents hoped we’d be. AND WE ARE TIRED (no one tells you how tired you’re going to be).

I went to lunch with three of my gal pals on Sunday and it got me thinking. As the days of our lives go off in various directions, how do we stay connected? Invested? One of us is about to have a baby, another is engaged, and the third bought the cutest fixer upper. Yet here we are, catching up over wine (and a mocktail for mama) and laughing about jury duty horror stories and talking through what the next few months look like.

Here’s just a few tips for staying connected with your bests at this stage of life:

  1. Give yourselves something to look forward to! Is it a girls getaway? Maybe a spa day. Okay, let’s settle on brunch. A study just recently came out that said women with a friend group that spend time together IRL live longer.
  2. Snail mail. I think letter writing is becoming a dying art. My friends and family know that I LOVE TO SEND MAIL. I have a drawer full of cards for whatever the next occasion is going to be. Let your friends (both near and far) know you’re thinking of them.
  3. Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me. We’re so quick to send a text, comment on the latest Insta (yes, keep doing those things), but when was the last time you called your best friend to check in? FaceTimed? Hearing someone’s voice or seeing their face gives another layer to your communication, your connection. You can hear the tone in someone’s voice, see the expression of laughter on someone’s face. It’s a beautiful thing. Pick up the phone!

Above all else, find ways to support one another, even when you’re in bed by 9 with a facemask on.

And for that next meet up with your besties? I’ve got the PERFECT look!

HP (11 of 257)HP (200 of 257)HP (116 of 257)HP (36 of 257)HP (139 of 257)HP (21 of 257)HP (28 of 257)HP (168 of 257)

Shop: Top, Jacket (regular and plus), Jeans, Shoes (here and here), Earrings, Sunnies, Bag

Cheers to you and your gal pal group, y’all!


Thanks to Lane Bryant for this great top and pair of jeans! Y’all know how to make a girl feel great!

Single and the City

Hi Friends and happy Friday! Mama, we made it!

For those of you that have been following along for a while, you know I’m as single as can be. My mom says I’m just not good at dating (lol). I’ve made one of my intentions this year to be more open to the possibilities that come my way. Whether these are blog opportunities, dating opportunities, or just life ops, I’m trying to open this little heart of mine.

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