Happy Saturday, friends!

I’m still getting over this upper respiratory infection so I’m resting up and working on blog content. I wanted to share this look, because I am LOVING lace right now. I’ve linked several options for lace tops that are all reasonably priced. Plus, the dress version of my top is available here.

Even though these pants are velvet, and it’s now March, it looks like it’s not warming up here anytime soon, these ones are only $25! Get ’em while the getting’s good.

WLT (65 of 271)WLT (116 of 271)WLT (144 of 271)WLT (161 of 271)WLT (114 of 271)WLT (201 of 271)WLT (49 of 271)WLT (251 of 271)WLT (253 of 271)WLT (70 of 271)

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A Flirty Dress

Y’all! Rehearsal dinners. Let’s talk about ’em. This is such a fun event in wedding season. Speeches are happening, drinks are flowing, pictures are being posted with the official wedding hashtag. So what do you wear when you’re a curvy guest? I’ve got the perfect look.

This off the shoulder dress in marigold is the perfect thing! It’s fitted, it’s off the shoulder, and it’s a lightweight fabric.

YD (60 of 413)YD (241 of 413)YD (355 of 413)YD (384 of 413)YD (77 of 413)YD (66 of 413)YD (304 of 413)YD (403 of 413)YD (341 of 413)YD (377 of 413)YD (143 of 413)YD (82 of 413)YD (109 of 413)

Shop: Dress, Shoes, Bag, Earrings (here and here), Sunnies

Thanks for stopping by y’all! The final wedding season look will be up tomorrow – it’s my fave!


Tried and True in a Pretty Blue

Hey y’all!

As promised, today starts the first of three looks for wedding season. I’ve got something for three big events for any friend’s upcoming nuptials. First, is a bridal shower look that is in the prettiest shade of blue you’ve ever seen.

I love how flattering this dress is. It’s the perfect length on my 5’4″ curvy frame.

BD (14 of 261)BD (27 of 261)BD (98 of 261)BD (108 of 261)BD (133 of 261)BD (190 of 261)BD (233 of 261)BD (243 of 261)

Shop: Dress, Bangles (shoes, earrings, and sunnies no longer available)

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for a flirty rehearsal dinner dress!



L is for Liza (and loving yourself)

Today is the day, friends! Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope you feel all the love today and that you put your love out into the universe.

Here’s a fun look to celebrate the day!

RDD (69 of 208)RDD (192 of 208)RDD (204 of 208)RDD (96 of 208)RDD (179 of 208)RDD (149 of 208)RDD (128 of 208)RDD (78 of 208)

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I hope you show yourself some love today, I’m planning on having a great dinner and putting on a great facemask while sipping some Josh wine.


The Sisterhood of the Busy Schedules

With it being the week of Valentines AND Galentine’s, I think it’s time we talk about the F word. Yea, that’s right. Friendship.

Now that I’m 30, my friendships have changed. Some have ended, some are stronger than ever, and some are new and still growing. The season that we’re in doesn’t allow for lounging with the girls very often. We have to plan (often way in advance). We’re busy, we’re working away, and we’re blooming into the adults our parents hoped we’d be. AND WE ARE TIRED (no one tells you how tired you’re going to be).

I went to lunch with three of my gal pals on Sunday and it got me thinking. As the days of our lives go off in various directions, how do we stay connected? Invested? One of us is about to have a baby, another is engaged, and the third bought the cutest fixer upper. Yet here we are, catching up over wine (and a mocktail for mama) and laughing about jury duty horror stories and talking through what the next few months look like.

Here’s just a few tips for staying connected with your bests at this stage of life:

  1. Give yourselves something to look forward to! Is it a girls getaway? Maybe a spa day. Okay, let’s settle on brunch. A study just recently came out that said women with a friend group that spend time together IRL live longer.
  2. Snail mail. I think letter writing is becoming a dying art. My friends and family know that I LOVE TO SEND MAIL. I have a drawer full of cards for whatever the next occasion is going to be. Let your friends (both near and far) know you’re thinking of them.
  3. Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me. We’re so quick to send a text, comment on the latest Insta (yes, keep doing those things), but when was the last time you called your best friend to check in? FaceTimed? Hearing someone’s voice or seeing their face gives another layer to your communication, your connection. You can hear the tone in someone’s voice, see the expression of laughter on someone’s face. It’s a beautiful thing. Pick up the phone!

Above all else, find ways to support one another, even when you’re in bed by 9 with a facemask on.

And for that next meet up with your besties? I’ve got the PERFECT look!

HP (11 of 257)HP (200 of 257)HP (116 of 257)HP (36 of 257)HP (139 of 257)HP (21 of 257)HP (28 of 257)HP (168 of 257)

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Cheers to you and your gal pal group, y’all!


Thanks to Lane Bryant for this great top and pair of jeans! Y’all know how to make a girl feel great!