Holiday 2020

Shop: Wallet, Wine Glasses, Sneakers, Chain Hoops, Headband, Velvet Top, Scarf, Throw Blanket, Zebra Sweater, Trio Bangle Set, Candle, Puzzle, Cardigan, Leopard Blanket, Makeup Cloths, Eye Gel and Mask Set, Stacked Bangles, Lippie Set, Slippers, Mug, Robe, Small Chunky Hoops

Shop: Neck Massager, Bose Speaker, Kiehl’s Hydration Kit, Beanie, Plaid Shirt, Charging Station, Suitcase Set, Body & Hand Wash, Wireless Charger and Sanitizer, Amazon Echo Dot, Fleece Vest, Patagonia Hat, Yeti Mug, Lip Balm Set, Power Bank, Slippers