Hello Dolly!


I absolutely cannot believe our big girl is officially one! Where did the time go?! I am so proud how how playful, chill, and loving this sweet baby has grown to be. She’s in “school” twice a week and she absolutely loves it. It works great for our schedule so she can play and socialize!

I decided to decorate for a little PAWty! Check it out below:

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Wow! Where has the time gone?! I cannot believe Dolly is already eight months. She has grown into such a big girl that is playful and sweet and minds her manners (with some redirection lol). The last couple of months, Dolly has gotten spayed, got boarded for the first time in August, and right now she’s staying with her grandpawents in San Antonio for a few weeks while I’m traveling for work. I’m planning on stopping in on the weekends to see her. Dolly is now fully crate trained, but I’m going to have to get a bigger crate for her because girlfriend is TALL. She sleeps with me now, taking over more than half of my king-sized bed when she’s sprawled out. Our biggest struggle is pulling on the leash and greeting other humans and dogs LOUDLY. We’re working on both, but her “pet resort” where she stayed now offers multiple training options so that’s on the list of things to look into. That’s all for now from me and my girl but here’s some updated pics for your enjoyment 🙂

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Y’all. My sweet baby girl has grown so much! She is officially 20 pounds and I can’t believe it. She’s certainly my child: sassy and stubborn and sweet and cuddly all wrapped in one adorable pup!

We had a bit of a worrisome situation last week when visiting my family, as she was struggling to go potty and I rushed her to parents’ vet in San Antonio. She’s currently on paid meds and antibiotics for 10 days and it hurts so much to see her in pain. I am like a helicopter parent, I don’t know how my mama friends do this for humans. I just love her so much and want her to live a happy and healthy life. My mom told me that my dog mom anxiety is rubbing off on her lol. I have shared this before but Gus was three when I rescued him so I never went through a puppy stage so all these firsts and scares are firsts and scares for me, too. She’s on the mend and I’m just thankful we caught it before it got any worse.

We’ve upgraded Dolly’s kennel to a large one and she’s been doing great in it! Last night, in fact, she put herself to bed in it. We’re still going strong on the potty training too, with minimal accidents. She’s learned sit, down, and leave it. I am so proud of her! I bought a pet camera so I can check in on her when I’m in the office. And she’s already lost several teeth!

Dolly is still eating three times a day and is loving her Spot and Tango food! She goes nuts for it! She’s eating the chicken and brown rice Unkibble (which is a kibble but not shocked fried like most kibble). What I loved about this fresh dry food is everything is human grade ingredients. It is more expensive, but worth it to ensure she’s getting the absolute best, most nutritious meals. Use my code: IGLIZA50 for 50% off your first order.


How is Dolly Girl nine weeks old already? I cannot believe how much she has grown in a week! I’m not just saying this because I’m her mom, but Dolly is SO smart. She’s already retrieving, hitting the bell to go out, hopping up several steps, and knows where to go to do her business, although we’re still having accidents in the house (specifically in the crate). I feel extremely lucky. She does wake up once in the middle of the night and is ready to start our day at 7 am, so that has been an adjustment for me. I’m tired, but so happy. We are bonding and she has the perfect temperament – a mix between playful and chillin’. After she has breakfast, she’s started doing zoomies and it’s the cutest thing to see her run and her floppy ears fly in the wind haha She’s also just a lovey and squish, eek, I love her so much!

I had originally bought Doll a collar and leash set, but she was kind of like a bucking bronco with it, so I realized that for me to have more control on our walks, I needed to pick up an inexpensive but good quality harness (under $14) that she can grow out of. I added a matching leash and she seems to really like it. My family was joking that she’s got the show dog trot down and sways her hips as she prances. Seriously. I need to get on video to show y’all.

We are crate training and using potty pads in cases of emergency on my patio. She doesn’t love her crate, but we’re working on short 20-30 minute kennel rest bursts during the day and fully for sleeping at night, she gets her favorite bunny to snuggle with. I don’t think I mentioned this, but Dolly was one of nine siblings so I want to make her as comfortable as possible in this transition. She honestly loves being outside, but I”m trying to limit her grass exposure and being around other dogs in my complex that I don’t know, so we spend time on my back porch. She’s getting plenty of food, walking, playing, and snoozing each day. When she’s snoozing, she sleeps in a big dog bed that she can grow into, but routine is absolutely key for us and to learn her signals for what she needs.

Chewing on anything and everything is a focus and I have to watch her like a hawk when she’s in her playful mood. I picked up this chew toy that was recommended and it seems to feel good on her teeth.

I do need y’all’s help though. Help a new dog mom out. I need a pet blow dryer (goldendoodle hair takes a long time to dry). I also having a combination of carpet and hardwoods (wayyyyy more carpet) and need a carpet vacuum thing specifically for pets. Any recommendations? Leave them in the comments or shoot me a DM on Instagram.

Scroll through for some pics right before Dolly turned nine weeks and I’ll certainly be back with more Dolly updates soon!

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Well, friends, if you guessed a puppy was my big news, YOU WERE RIGHT! I am so excited to introduce my new baby girl, Dolly! And yes, she was named after the great Dolly Parton! I also think Dolly the Doodle has a certain ring to it, right?

So 2020 was hard, I know I don’t have to tell you that (and 2021 is looking a bit bleak, too). When I self reflect on how I’m actually doing, I have to be painfully honest and say I’ve never been lonelier in my life. Although I’ve spent time with my family when able and am rotating back into the office, this year has been a realization that I am in charge of my happiness.

My rescue pup Gus left this world almost three years ago and I finally feel like I was ready to do this adult thing again and add a four legged friend to my life. So how did this come about?! My friend recently got a Frenchie and I thought, okay maybe this breed would be good for me, but the dog we were hoping would be pregs turned out not to be. One night three weeks ago I was looking up both puppies and rescues in Houston and came upon a post for a few goldendoodle puppies and so I responded to the post. Turned out Dolly was the first pick in her litter, but they had to relinquish their dibs on her due to losing their job and having to move. After several days of back and forth with the breeder, and competing with two other interested parties, I was chosen to be her mama!

So Dolly is a F1BB GoldenDoodle. Her dad is a standard Phantom Poodle and Mom is a GoldenDoodle. She is the most hypoallergenic of doodles and has the prettiest colors in her coat!

I am thrilled to have this new companion and know the stars aligned to bring her to me! Puppy stage is hard and I’m not sure I’m prepared for that, but she’s worth every sleepless night and accident in the house. Follow along on my Hello Dolly! page to keep up with pupdates!

Obviously I’ve been obsessed with this bebe sine I saw her pictures and have been annoyingly asking her breeders to share weekly updates! Here are some pics from weeks 4-7! She turned eight weeks on Wednesday and she is officially home!