The Perfect Valentine’s Breakfast at Home

I am so excited to share this cute V-Day breakfast set-up with y’all! It is exactly as I pictured it in my head and I think it turned out perfectly!

Turning these waffles into hearts was so simple! I toasted some eggo waffles and after they got toasted, I used a heart shaped cookie cutter to make the shape! I added some whipped cream and strawberries! And then stacked the cake stand with mini donuts and cupcakes. I think this would be the perfect little breakfast for your littles, your SO, your galentines, or YOU!

Scroll through for some Valentine’s inspo! Everything will be linked on the bottom of the post!

Shop: Dress, Bangles, Table, Chairs, Placemats (similar), Plates, Bowls, Gold Silverware, Cake Stand, Kitchen Towel, Cookie Cutters, Reusable Straws, Milk Glasses


Holiday Decor Tour

Shop: Plaid Dress, Bow Earrings, Mirror, Fuzzy Wreath, Christmas Star Tree Topper, Ceramic Homes and Bottlebrush Trees (Target and Michael’s), Fuzzy Trees and Garland (Homegoods), Reindeer (here and here), Gold Bottlebrush Trees (Michael’s), Joy sign, Red Wooden Beads for Tree, Felt Ball Garland (Homegoods), Christmas Truck (Hobby Lobby), Red Fabric Tree, Green Leaf Tree, Tree Collar

Liza’s Dirty Shirley Cocktail

Y’all. If you’re looking for an easy holiday cocktail, look no farther!

Here’s what you’re going to need:

Holiday Glasses, Champagne (I love La Marca Prosecco), 7up, Maraschino Cherries

It’s as simple as this: Put some crushed ice in your glass. Pour in the champagne. Add in half a mini can of 7up. Then add some cherry juice and a few cherries. Stir all together and ENJOY!

I also think this would be delicious as a slushie, too!