My Favorite Lippies

Hi, friends!

So glad you’re here today because I’ve got something super fun to share! I’ve rounded up my favorite lippies and they range from $8-$60.

APT (356 of 440)

Shop: Top, Mirror, Bangles

Shop my favorites lip products below:


Buxom Plumping Lip Cream – $21


Maybelline Ink Crayon – $8


Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick – $20


Charlotte Tilbury Lip Liner – $22, Lipstick – $34


Pixi LipLift Max Gloss – $14

I hope you enjoyed seeing my faves, I love rotating these!


Botanics x Ulta Beauty

Happy Thursday, y’all!

How is it already March 7th? I can’t believe it. Yikes. Time honestly needs to slow down for me. Anyone else?

I recently partnered with Botanics and Ulta, to try some Botanics products. They sent me a face cleanser, face wipes, radiance serum, hydrating night cream, and micellar water. I am a HUGE fan of micellar water and it has seriously changed my skincare game. I have been using another brand for years, but have also enjoyed the Botanics this past week, as well. It’s not drying and does a great job removing makeup, even mascara. The Botanics bottle is under $7.

This company began in the UK and make only plant-based products. Those of you who are wanting to using clean products, you might want to stop by Ulta, pick some up, and give these a try! If you do, I’d love to hear how they are working for you!


Shop: Robe, Headband


Shop: Facial wipes, Micellar water, Facial cleanser, Hydrating night cream


these items were gifted to me, but my opinions remain my own

Giving you the 411 on Fillers

Happy Saturday, peeps!

It’s time we talk about fillers. Before we do that though, I need to preface this post by saying that this is a personal decision for everyone. No one needs to do anything to their body to be whole and complete.

This makes me happy from the inside, so I’m going to let you in on what I’ve been doing to my face. But that means we’ve got to go back five years.

One of the questions y’all asked was how did you first decide to get fillers? I have had deep wrinkles in my forehead FOREVER. So when I was 25, I went to our family dermatologist and asked for some Botox. I started with 24 units and within a matter of days, my forehead was so smooth. My confidence went up and I felt great! I continued to get botox four times a year. Now that I’m older, I get 28 units and I only have to do it 2-3 times a year. I truly believe this is preventative care for my skin.

I started getting my lips filled a few years ago and I’ve done a couple different products. The first product I tried was Restylane Silk. This was very painful and they BLEW up! They also didn’t last very long. Last February, I went for Juvaderm the second time and LOVED how they filled out. They’ve lasted for a year and thanks to New Look Houston, I got some fresh lippies during a demonstration. IMG_7364

Answering more of your questions below:

How long do they last? Maintenance? This really depends. Your body metabolizes these fillers differently. For me, Botox lasts around 4 months and the Juvaderm lasts around a year. Again, this is different for everyone.

Do you see a plastic surgeon or a different kind of doctor? Great question! I’ve gone to a dermatologist for years and recently have been seeing a nurse anesthetist who consults with a plastic surgeon. Do your research on where you go! These people should be licensed professionals. I don’t bring any inspiration photos because I trust what the injector thinks would look best

Did they hurt? Botox does not hurt. They feel like tiny little pinches in your skin. Lips are a little different. They numb your lips for about 30-45 minutes. Your lips are more sensitive and I will say there is some pain involved. Recovery for Botox is nothing, but again, lippies are different. There’s swelling and bruising that can last from a few days to a week. The more you do this though, the easier the recovery becomes.

Cost? Cost varies on the product you use. Juvaderm typically runs between $500-$600, and Botox typically runs between $11-$13 per unit.


This is Nurse Sal who did my lips this last time. Isn’t his suit so chic?!

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Thanks for stopping by y’all.

This post was not sponsored, but my lip injections were gifted to me by being a part of the demonstration event.

Pamperama with Soap and Glory

Hey friends!

I recently partnered with Soap and Glory and it was so fun! I’ve used their products before (the body lotion and the foot lotion), so I was totally on board to try more of their goodies! The Paperama set below is fantastic; it includes a bath bomb, hair wrap, body wash, eye patches, face mask, hand lotion, and their famous body butter!

This gift set can be found at your local Walgreens and right now, it’s 50% off, coming to only $20! How amazing would it be as a gift for any gal on your list?!

Scroll through to see some up close images of the Soap and Glory swag, plus shop my cozy look!

SG (286 of 424)SG (94 of 424)SG (106 of 424)SG (104 of 424)SG (133 of 424)SG (285 of 424)

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I hope you have the most wonderful Monday! Less than a week until Christmas! EEP!!


A World of Color

Honestly, what is a world without color? No matter the time of year, I WANT COLOR!

Scroll through for some colorful inspo and to shop my look!

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Also, y’all know my mom, right? She’s blogger extraordinaire @frickspicks out of San Antonio, Texas. Well, have I got some exciting news for you! She’s been nominated for Best of San Antonio Instagrammers! How cool! You too can vote for her HERE! Voting is open everyday until December 31st!

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Have a fabulous Friday and weekend, friends!


Smile Fearlessly

Happy Friday, friends!

I’ve used different electric toothbrushes for years, but for the last few weeks, I’ve been using the new cariPro Ultrasonic Electric toothbrush. The brush itself has 5 different settings, with different pressures. Brushes I’ve used before have one setting – hard. These cariPro Ultrasonic settings feel like I’m giving my pearly whites a good pressure washing; I am loving the ‘clean’ and ‘whiten’ settings, and there’s even a ‘sensitive’ dial! I am so happy with this new toothbrush (and the bright smile I’ve been showing off) and I am even MORE happy to…

Give away a toothbrush (a $125 value) to one of y’all! Your brush will also come with two brush heads. Enter the giveaway here! If you can’t wait for a giveaway, you can get 20% off your order with the code: thatblonderebel20

Here’s to our most confident smiles yet!


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This post was brought to you by a collaboration with my friends over at Smile Brilliant!

My Makeup Essentials

Hi everyone and happy Tuesday!

Here are the makeup products I’ve been using that y’all have been asking for!



Micellar Water – shop it HERE


Moisturizer – shop it HERE

Primer, BB Cream, Concealer, and Translucent Powder


Primer – shop it HERE


BB Cream – shop it HERE


Concealer – shop it HERE


Translucent Powder – shop it HERE

I’ve been using the Laura Mercier translucent powder for years, but for the last few months I’ve been wearing the Glow powder and love how it makes my skin dewy. She it HERE

Eyebrows, Blush, Bronser, Highlighter


Eyebrow pencil – shop it HERE


Tarte’s Hampton Weekender Contour Palette – shop it HERE



Lip Pencil – shop it HERE

Eye Palette


Shop it HERE



Shop it HERE



Shop it HERE


I love both these falsies, shop the Ardell Wispies HERE and the Kiss Flirty Lashes HERE! The lash glue is solid. I let it get tacky on my hand and apply with an eyeliner brush. Shop it HERE!

Setting Spray


Best in the biz and you can shop it HERE

Thanks for checking out my beauty products! I hope you enjoyed seeing what I use when I want to doll up my face!