Giving you the 411 on Fillers

Happy Saturday, peeps!

It’s time we talk about fillers. Before we do that though, I need to preface this post by saying that this is a personal decision for everyone. No one needs to do anything to their body to be whole and complete.

This makes me happy from the inside, so I’m going to let you in on what I’ve been doing to my face. But that means we’ve got to go back five years.

One of the questions y’all asked was how did you first decide to get fillers? I have had deep wrinkles in my forehead FOREVER. So when I was 25, I went to our family dermatologist and asked for some Botox. I started with 24 units and within a matter of days, my forehead was so smooth. My confidence went up and I felt great! I continued to get botox four times a year. Now that I’m older, I get 28 units and I only have to do it 2-3 times a year. I truly believe this is preventative care for my skin.

I started getting my lips filled a few years ago and I’ve done a couple different products. The first product I tried was Restylane Silk. This was very painful and they BLEW up! They also didn’t last very long. Last February, I went for Juvaderm the second time and LOVED how they filled out. They’ve lasted for a year and thanks to New Look Houston, I got some fresh lippies during a demonstration. IMG_7364

Answering more of your questions below:

How long do they last? Maintenance? This really depends. Your body metabolizes these fillers differently. For me, Botox lasts around 4 months and the Juvaderm lasts around a year. Again, this is different for everyone.

Do you see a plastic surgeon or a different kind of doctor? Great question! I’ve gone to a dermatologist for years and recently have been seeing a nurse anesthetist who consults with a plastic surgeon. Do your research on where you go! These people should be licensed professionals. I don’t bring any inspiration photos because I trust what the injector thinks would look best

Did they hurt? Botox does not hurt. They feel like tiny little pinches in your skin. Lips are a little different. They numb your lips for about 30-45 minutes. Your lips are more sensitive and I will say there is some pain involved. Recovery for Botox is nothing, but again, lippies are different. There’s swelling and bruising that can last from a few days to a week. The more you do this though, the easier the recovery becomes.

Cost? Cost varies on the product you use. Juvaderm typically runs between $500-$600, and Botox typically runs between $11-$13 per unit.


This is Nurse Sal who did my lips this last time. Isn’t his suit so chic?!

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This post was not sponsored, but my lip injections were gifted to me by being a part of the demonstration event.

Single and the City

Hi Friends and happy Friday! Mama, we made it!

For those of you that have been following along for a while, you know I’m as single as can be. My mom says I’m just not good at dating (lol). I’ve made one of my intentions this year to be more open to the possibilities that come my way. Whether these are blog opportunities, dating opportunities, or just life ops, I’m trying to open this little heart of mine.

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Intention Check In

Well, friends, it’s the last day of the first month of the new year! We set those intentions for the new year and it’s time to check in… how are we doing?

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Below are the four intentions I set for 2019 and an update on each.

1. Pitch myself with purpose – This has actually had a good start! I’ve got some fun partnerships coming up that I’m super excited to share with y’all. I’ve put myself out there, dove into my blogger stats, and have been more strategic in determining my goals and working for what I want to build into That Blonde Rebel.  Can’t wait to see what February brings!

2. Save more, spend less – I’ve been better about saying no. No, you don’t need that really fantastic Hermes bracelet. You already have one. Put the money aside. Also, you will definitely be having FOMO of your friends going to Mexico in a few months for your college bestie’s bachelorette, but you’re being realistic and your savings account is going to thank you in the long run. Last week, I cooked dinner for myself three times during the work week. That is progress. This week? Not so much, so a bit of a regression, but will be resetting once I get to the grocery store and can start cooking again! Anyone have any easy meals to make for one? Let me know! Also, thinking about challenging myself with a clothes shopping freeze for the month of February! Anyone with me?! Can we be accountability buddies because I know it’ll be hard.

3. Be more focused on self-care – My anxiety is still at an all-time high, wreaking havoc on my body and my skin. I need more water. I need to move more. Ugh. Let’s be better to ourselves this next month. CBD oil is trending and I’m thinking of giving it a shot, or at least in topical form to help with my back pain. Hoping to report happier things in four weeks!

4. Be open to possibilities – Well. I’ve gone on a date. I’m still swiping. Nothing left to report on this front lol

Reflecting on these four intentions was awesome to do. I’ve clearly been very honest with myself and two things seem to be going fairly well. Now it’s about being consistent with goals 1 & 2, and putting more into 3 &4!

Am thinking this will be a monthly update going forward through the rest of the year.


Three Pieces You Need In January

Y’all. It’s January. You may be doing a cleanse, or a closet clean out, or trying to not spend money. Remember all of our intentions? I get you. I feel you. I’m trying to do the same. If you’re feeling in an outfit rut, go shopping in your closet! There are three things I keep coming back to: an easy knit, my Spanx leggings, and great boots.

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I’m Extra and I Know it

Animal print. It’s a thing and it’s here to stay. A lot of people are diving right into snake print and you know what? I’m joining them. But leopard will always be in. We’re seeing faux fur coats and teddy coats, and I just knew mine needed to have a WOW factor!

What do you think?

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Hope you enjoyed seeing how to mix a fun animal print with your everyday wear!

L Mae