MUMU x Barbie Malibu Recap

Welp, I’m about three months late on posting this recap, but it was truly the highlight of the summer for me and I wanted to have a permanent place on the blog to remember the amazing Show Me Your Mumu x Barbie Malibu trip.

This was truly a pinch me moment and I am so thankful to the entire MUMU team for always supporting and encouraging me. It’s a dream to work with a brand that lets me bring my voice and body to their brand. Working with MUMU as they’ve worked to expand their extended sizing has been awesome!

Barbie and MUMU is really an awesome collaboration because as Cologne said, Barbie is every woman and she does everything.

We stayed at the beautiful Surfrider hotel!
Talk about views!
Seriously, could this place be any more gorgeous?! Shop my two piece look here!
Matching with Hailee!

Night one included a happy hour, meeting so many internet friends turned IRL friends, and ended with Mickey D’s and a dance party! I knew I was going to be in good company all weekend!

Somehow I made it down to the beach the next morning for a workout with Megan Roup from The Sculpt Society. Megan was such an encourager, and shared ways to modify as we moved. Shop my Barbie workout look here

After our workout sesh, we had a great breakfast and had mini massages. Talk about being spoiled this weekend

Then it was time for a beach day and picnic! The water was freezing so I just put my toes in, but we got tons of compliments on our fun suits! Shop my beach day look here!

Afterwards, I needed a rest and some lunch as the sun was draining my energy. We headed back to The Surfrider (which is across the street from the beach) and were treated to some hair and makeup treats! I got lashes, a lip, and a hair curl

Put on the cutest pj’s for getting ready! I sized up! Shop them here!
Can we take moment to talk about the final look?! I felt like a million bucks headed up the final event!
Insert Life Size movie quote here! The MUMU team went all out this weekend, including making this Barbie box! Shop my dress here!
Such a highlight to be able to spend time with Sabrina, who has been a good friend throughout my blogging journey!

I have so many more pictures and memories to share, but this will have to wrap up at some point lol! The last night ended with another dance party and Taco Bell! It was seriously like a sorority, summer camp, and sister trip all in one. The group was amazing and I walked away feeling like I made so many more friends! Thank you MUMU for including me!

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