My Word of 2022

If y’all have been reading along the past couple of years, you know that I choose a word every year to focus on. In 2019 it was Growth, in 2020 it was Focus, and 2021 was Abundance. I very much enjoy picking a word instead of setting myself up for failure when I previously couldn’t meet a rigid set goal.

So my word for this year? Well, it was very hard to decide, and I will let you in on the two I’ve been going back and forth about. Ease and Grace. Here’s why I was torn. Ease is defined as freedom from labor, pain, or physical annoyance; tranquil rest; comfort, freedom from concern, anxiety, or solicitude; a quiet state of mind, freedom from difficulty or great effort; facility. Now doesn’t that just sound like what we all need? Some ease. The last almost two years now have been anything but smooth regardless of your circumstances. We have all been impacted in one way or another and in many people’s cases, in multiple ways. So I like Ease and I want to keep it in my back pocket. But then we get to Grace. And a lot of times, people think of Grace as faithfulness, empathy, and forgiveness. However, Grace can be interpreted in many ways and can also be defined as elegance or beauty of form, manner, motion, or action, a pleasing or attractive quality or endowment, favor or goodwill, moral strength. So you can probably see why I’m torn. Both are extremely relevant to me currently. I want things to be smooth this year, I want to not be so combative and find myself operating more in a state of ease rather than insecure fortitude (i.e. moving forward but with no sense of direction). I want moral strength to offer empathy, understanding, and extend grace to myself and others as needed. I sincerely need both of these things in my life.

So honestly, I don’t know why I’m holding myself to some strict rule of only one word, so I guess that decides it. I will be picking two words for 2022 and very much am willing Ease and Grace to help me live a more peaceful and happy year ahead. Did you pick a word or words?! TELL ME!

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