5 Hard Truths I was Reminded in 2021

Well, hey friends! It seems like another Covid year has come and we made it. So much loss, grief, panic, and anxiety filled so many of us. I think if we’re honest with ourselves, we’ve probably also found some ways to find joy and happiness. Puppies, babies, promotions, homes, new jobs, engagements, moves, weddings, etc.

Be proud of all the pivoting, resiliency, and growth you’ve shown the last 12 months. May we leave this year stronger, wiser, and kinder.

I had several major life changes this year, some happy, some hard, but I wouldn’t change any of it. Below are 5 hard truths I was reminded of this year, and I’m sure most of you can relate.

  1. Priorities change and balancing all of them means compromise and it is important to change the things that no longer align with your values, the things you’re no longer willing to compromise on. You can’t do it all at all times, so you must re-prioritize to stay balanced. And no I don’t mean balance is 50/50 split, balance is whatever you need it to be and it is ever evolving. Be okay with it.
  2. That leads into the next one. You will disappoint people with your decisions and actions. No is a complete sentence and you don’t owe anyone anything.
  3. Everything in life is temporary. Time, relationships, jobs. Hold on tightly to the things that matter most to you and let go of the things that don’t.
  4. Don’t take it personally. Everyone is looking out for themselves and their actions say a hell of a whole lot more about them than they ever did about you. Free the sting from your heart and head and move forward (with or without said person, it is your call what you will accept and tolerate in your life).
  5. Learn to like yourself, flaws and all (hell, love yourself, but baby steps is okay, too). We are our harshest critics and that can be self-destructing. You are capable of way more than you think and your biggest person to impress, to encourage, to challenge, and to motivate is the person looking back at you in the mirror. Make her proud!
  6. Throwing in an extra one just because I think it’s noteworthy. Everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, is fighting battles that you have absolutely no idea about. Be there when you can. Offer support and a listening ear when available. And above all, do no harm and take no shit. Be kind to you and others.

I also wanted to share this sequin shirt dress because DUH, it’s new years eve, and although I’m staying home, I still never miss an opportunity to dress up!

Shop: Dress, Bag, Hoops (old from Kendra Scott), Lipstick

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