How to Build a Presence on LinkedIn and Some Workwear

Hey friends and welcome back to my little corner of the inter webs! As a lot of you know, my full time gig is a campus recruiter for a consulting firm. I hire new grads for our starting positions in engineering, project management, IT, and data analytics. Over the years, I have really loved giving back to students and offering professional development to help them fine tune their resumes, build out their LinkedIn, dress to impress, and master interview etiquette.

One of the biggest pieces of advice I give to underclassmen is to start building out their LinkedIn profile ASAP. And then continually update as they gain work/internship experience. I can’t tell you how many students miss this step early on and create a headache for themselves down the road and potentially miss out on great opportunities. Recruiters spend a majority of their time looking at profiles on LI, so let’s make yours stand out! Check out the below tips and let me know if it’s helpful!

Build a Presence on LinkedIn

First things first, choose a professional-looking photo. If you’re a college student, most university career centers offer this to you at no charge. Take advantage!

Write a summary of yourself and your experience.

If job searching, add your #opentowork logo (available in the profile picture section) and industries/jobs you’re interested in. Make it really easy for recruiters and attach your most recent resume to your profile.

Add your work experience, school(s) attended, and skills.

Check out two sections of my profile for reference below:

Your profile should be a reflection of you!

Grow Your Network

Connect with thought leaders (I personally love following Brené Brown and Sara Blakely), colleagues, and industry professionals. The more people you connect with, the more the LI algorithm will suggest people and groups to continue to expand your network.

Join relevant groups – LOTS of options here! Examples: Young Professionals of Houston, National Society of Black Engineers, etc.

Showcase Your Passions

The best thing you can do is engage, engage, engage! Here’s how: comment on relevant posts, tag others in your network, share content with your own commentary, and write and share your own original content!

And now, because I don’t know if you’re here for the advice or the workwear, I’m not going to leave you hanging, so here’s a CUTE look for office wear!

Shop: Top, Jeans, Heels, Glasses, Bracelets, Hoops, Adorable Dog (not available for purchase lol)

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