Injectables 101

I strongly believe that you should never be pressured to change anything about yourself unless you want to. You can change your hair, you can change your teeth, your style, but all of that IS YOUR DECISION. I made a decision at 25 to get some botox and I haven’t looked back. I’ve loved the effect it’s had on my skin AND my confidence! 4 years ago, I decided to try lip filler to give my pout a more full and even look. You can check out the before and after below.

I really wanted a natural lip, nothing crazy, and I love how it made my lips more proportional to my face and made my top lip more even!

Okay friends, I’m sharing all your questions that you have had about Botox and filler and answering them below!

Q: What do you do? I fluctuate between getting Botox and Dysport. Botox is more expensive than Dysport (Dysport is like a baby Botox) and I love that Dysport takes effect sooner and is more reasonably priced. I’ve also gotten my lips done three times now. I’ve gotten Restylane Silk (WOULD NOT RECOMMEND, 0/10, had a terrible reaction and was very painful, it felt like my lips were going to burst open), Juvaderm (really liked it and would recommend), and Restylane Refine (I’ve got to say this has been my favorite and would be my lip filler of choice).

Q: Did you do under eye fillers? Nope, never done under eye, but I have put Dysport in my crow’s feet and it’s had a subtle effect.

Q: How long do you have to go in for “touch ups”? This is going to depend on how quickly your body metabolizes the fillers. My lips last anywhere between 12-18 months, it’s INCREDIBLE! Botox/Dysport get touch ups every 3-4 months.

Q: Where in your face do you get filler? I get my lips done, my forehead, crows feet and the space between my eyebrows, that are commonly referred to as “11’s”

Q: Do they take vitals, do all the normal stuff before you get Botox or is it a different kind of appointment? It’s a different kind of appointment. They start with a consultation and talk you through every step of the way while advising on what you’re asking for.

Q: Is it painful? The Botox/Dysport, not at all. It’s the tiniest prick you’ve ever felt. The lips are another story. They numb your lips for about 30 minutes before starting but YES it can hurt. The first time I did it, tears were streaming down my face. The Restylane Refine (the product I used in my lips this last time) has lidocaine in it so you don’t feel it as much. Your lips are the thinnest skin you have so naturally it’s going to be uncomfortable, but this last time was the easiest. I think my lips are getting used to it LOL

Q: How long have you been going to your person for Botox? I’ve been seeing my girl Jennifer for a little over two years. She’s the sweetest, has a great eye (is precise), and I dunno how she does it, but nothing really hurts when she’s got the needle in her hands!

Q: What’s the price for Botox and lip fillers? This is going to vary by where you go. Botox will run you anywhere between $12-$16 per unit (when I do Botox, I get 30 units). Dysport is much more reasonable ($5-$6 a unit and I get 60 units). Now the eye gouger is the lip filler, that’ll run you between $600-$800.

Q: How long does the bruising last on your lips? This is different for everyone, as you will react differently. The first time I did it, my lips were bruised for about a week. The last two times it was only a few days. A suggestion I’ve heard is that if you eat pineapple every day for a week before, I hear you bruise less.

Q: Do they do just the top? Or do you have to get the bottom with it, too? You’re going to want to do both, even if it’s minimal on the bottom, that way it looks proportional!

Q: Where do you go in HTX to have them done? I see Jennifer Dempsey at West Ave. Plastic Surgery on Kirby!

Q: How much do you put in? Botox (30 units)/Dysport (60 units), Lip Filler (an entire syringe – if you don’t want to do the whole thing at first, they can hold onto the filler for up to two years for touch ups)

Q: Does it feel weird once it’s in? The Botox/Filler, not at all. The lips? FOR SURE. It’s like what are these things on my face, oh they’re my lips. It definitely feels weird at first, but you get used to it!

Q: Can your recommend anyone in San Antonio? Yes – go see Dr. Robert Ochs at Ochs Dermatology – I’ve been going to him since I was in middle school and he’s done my Botox throughout the years!

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