So you’re feeling overwhelmed…

Hi friends. Let’s chat.

The news of coronavirus spreading, the unknowns about work and school, concerns about our health, our families, and the economic impact is enough to make any sane person want to shut down. Please don’t let the fear win. We are releasing cortical into our bodies with every anxious thought. Do not get me wrong though.

FEEL YOUR FEELS, PEOPLE! We have to acknowledge what is happening. But for our sanity, our well-being, and our future, we have to also focus on some things that are giving us some laughs, making us smile, or are simply taking our mind off things for a while.

Here are some ideas to bring some happy into your weekend:

  • Bake – if you’ve got the ingredients, go ahead and make yourself a sweet treat. I’m in San Antonio this weekend and I think I’m going to ask my dad to make us some oatmeal cookies. His are honestly perfect. I also think if you want to get a lil extra, make some sea salt chocolate chip cookies. These honestly look delish and the recipe seems pretty easy! There’s also tips if you need to alternative ingredients!
  • Meditate – I still keep in touch with one of my favorite teachers of all time, Deborah Livingston. She taught me 11th grade AP English and she’s overall a calm and cool baddy who is now retired and teaches meditation. You can follow her on Insta: @djlivingston51 – she knows that I’ve struggled with anxiety and will send me different meditation tips. Including one she shared with me for LovingKindness here:
    • May you have happiness and the causes of happiness; may you be free from suffering and the causes of suffering; may you never be parted from freedom’s true joy; may you dwell in equanimity free from attachment and aversion
    • Deborah also told me that if you’re wondering how to begin meditation: take a seat, place hands palms down on the thighs, place the mind of the breath over and over and over. The easiest place to be aware of the breath is the end of the nose, feel the arising, abiding, and dissolving of each breath. This leads to strength, clarity, and stability, which manifests as calm, peaceful abiding.
  • Play a game – our family is a big fan of Scrabble. Our competitive sides really come out when this game is brought to the table. We always have a lot of laughs, too. One time my dad tried to use “babydeer” as his word. I’m laughing out loud as I type this. We were HYSTERICAL. Prime will get it to you in a few hours lol
  • Go for a walk – if you’re comfortable being outdoors and not compromised, then put on your sneakers and get out there for 30 minutes. Some fresh air may do you some good. If you’re not comfortable just being out in the wide world, then sit in your backyard, or on your balcony. We need the sunshine. Vitamin D. It’s a thing and it can help with moodiness. For real.
  • Treat yo’self – It’s no secret that our economy is hurting. Stocks have plummeted, restaurants are closing up shop, and pretty much every site is having a sale. Now don’t go overboard, but give yourself something to look forward to. Like getting a new lipstick from Sephora or a swimmie for when we can all be in a pool or on a beach together again. Loving this suit and may have purchased!
  • Read – I’m reading more for fun than I have in the last few years! This is so helping me relax at night before bed and I’m not staring at the blue screen of my phone or laptop. I just finished this book and am about to start this one!
  • Binge a show – I love a good binge session. I LOVE UK shows and Broadchurch and The Stranger are two that I’d recommend!
  • Journal – write a short story, write how you’re feeling, make a to-do list. The mind has a tendency to overstimulate during times like these. From clickbait stories to opinions from everyone and anyone, we’re inundated with A LOT of information right now. Mind dump that stuff on a page with some written word. I bet you’ll feel a little bit better after doing it.
  • Make a Tik Tok account – Honestly I can watch Tik Tok for hours. You select the categories you’re interested in and it starts showing you videos. I am addicted and am thinking I should try making one and see what happens?!
  • Rest – I think this goes back to overstimulation, but take a nap, put your phone down, get a good night’s sleep. You are not good to yourself or others if you’re running on E. Give yourself permission to turn it off and recharge your batteries.

We can get through this, y’all.

As my mom says, LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!


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