Stretchy Pants and a big heart

We survived the Black Friday and Cyber Monday CRAZY. I don’t know about you, but I AM WIPED. It just about did me in this season.

You might have overindulged in food, shopping sales, or wine, and you know what? Today you need to give yourself grace and move forward. Put on those stretchy pants and go for a walk to clear your head. Update your lists for who you still need to shop for (but be mindful of your budget). This is also a time when we need to reign it back in with our spending, be realistic with that budget, and think about the true reason for the season. How have you given back? How are you making an impact on your community, not just those you hold dear?

I absolutely love this whole outfit and yes, I am sharing an outfit after just saying how we need to be mindful this season (insert eye roll). It feels very chic, but still has a vintage vibe to it.

MP (77 of 195)MP (141 of 195)MP (137 of 195)MP (96 of 195)MP (151 of 195)MP (154 of 195)MP (172 of 195)MP (88 of 195)MP (186 of 195)MP (125 of 195)

Shop: Top, Pants, Shoes, Bangles, Hoops


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