It’s Summer, but if you want to stay inside…

Y’all. Summer has officially hit us with temps in the triple digits. Stay hydrated and use sunscreen! Sometimes though, the heat in Houston can be debilitating, and stepping outside causes you to get exhausted, soaked in sweat, and cranky.

Need a reason to beat the heat and stay inside? Well, plant yourself in front of your computer or tv, my friend, because I’ve got your binging recs covered!

Here are my top 3 favorite movies:

  1. Almost Famous – It goes without saying that Kate Hudson is a badass. This was one of her first films and she played the ultimate cool girl as Penny Lane. This movie has absolutely everything. A coming of age tale, a band’s climb to fame, and a rollercoaster of a love story. Also, the soundtrack is one of the best things I’ve ever heard.
  2. Hope Floats – I mean, who doesn’t love Sandra Bullock? Add in the charm of Louisiana charm boy, Harry Connick, Jr. and we’ve got FIREWORKS. I love this movie so much and never tire of watching it!
  3. Mama Mia is my favorite musical of all-time (okay, it’s tied with Wicked). I got to see it on London’s Broadway with my best friend and my life was changed. So when the movie came out featuring Queen Meryl as Donna Sheridan and Amanda Seyfried as her daughter, Sophie, I knew it was going to be good! And while we’re at it, let’s add the sequel to this list because, duh, it was just as good. I’ve watched it probably a solid 10 times up to this point, and I still cry.

Okay… and now onto what I’m currently watching or just finished:

Cuckoo (Netflix) – British show with Andy Sandberg and Taylor Lautner. A girl takes a gap year before staring university but comes back to her parents with a fiancee who is unlike anyone else in the entire family. This show has like four or five seasons, and it’s so good. The dad on the show is SO FUNNY without even trying and the mom is Emma from Friends. This is a silly, feel-good show that has a lot of heart.

Dead to Me (Netflix) – I think this is one that a lot of people have been talking about. Christina Applegate’s husband is killed by a hit and run and all of sudden, Linda Cardellini’s character comes in to her grief group and they hit it off. Cardellini’s character has a strange past and an even stranger connection to the family she’s befriended!

The OA (Netflix) – This is all parts sci-fi, thriller, and somewhat Stranger Things. A blind girl disappeared seven years ago and mysteriously reappears with her sight and a strange tale of what happened to her. Season 2 starts off a little strange and took a while to connect back to Season 1, but once it does, it really picks up! Loving Season 1 more than 2 right now, but we’ll see.

Always Be My Maybe (Netflix) – Hands down I loved this rom-com with Ali Wong! It was sentimental, funny, and Keanu Reeves makes a cameo. My mom came to visit this last weekend and we decided to turn it on and we were cracking up.

Special (Netflix) – A gay guy with mild cerebral palsy tries to establish his independence from his mom, while also not telling anyone about his CP. He lies and says he got hit by a car and that’s why he has a limp. He meets his new bestie and she opens up a social life for him. The show also follows his mom as she tries to let go of her grown son and get back into the dating scene. Loved this and I hope there’s another season!

Riverdale, Season 3 (Netflix) – Welp, I’ve been sucked into a Riverdale hole I can’t get out of. I’m such a sucker for this show. It’s The OC meets Sabrina, and I can’t look away. Not realistic at all, but an overall good story line that I have enjoyed so far.

AP Bio (Hulu) – HILARIOUS! This Harvard professor loses his job and ends up back in his hometown teaching high school biology. This show is ridiculous, but funny and heartfelt. I felt all the things watching! I heard it’s been cancelled, but there’s two seasons for you to watch.

And if you are going to venture into the rising heat? Wear something light and easy!


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Happy Tuesday friends, thanks for stopping by!

One thought on “It’s Summer, but if you want to stay inside…

  1. Love this post! I definitely have some movies and shows to watch. Thanks for the recommendations!

    Sunday Mornings by V


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