Feeling the rainbow stripe

Happy Wednesday, friends, and thanks for dropping by That Blonde Rebel!

This week is dragging on, am I right? I thought yesterday was Thursday, but it was only Tuesday (insert perplexed emoji face here). I think I’m just ready to head to San Antonio for the weekend and then Monday head to the rodeo back in Houston for Kacey Musgraves! I am beyond excited to see this angel perform IRL!

I thought because it’s pretty dreary in Houston right now, that I would share a colorful look that makes me happy and smile v big!

SD (257 of 280)SD (19 of 280)SD (31 of 280)SD (218 of 280)SD (25 of 280)SD (1 of 280)

Shop: Dress, Shoes, Bangles, Earrings, Bag

Hope this brightens up your day, wherever you are.


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