How I really feel about HUM Supplements

Happy Friday, y’all! We’ve made it another week and it just feels like time is flying!

I wanted to pop on and give y’all my review of some HUM products I’ve been taking over the last month. I truly wanted to test these and give you my honest review. I’ll start by giving you a baseline. I’m a very picky eater so I am sure I don’t get the right amount of vitamins and minerals from food, so I wanted to see if I could balance that out with some supplements from HUM. With so many weddings come up over the next few months, I wanted to focus on my skin and hair, and because of my suppressed energy from thyroid disease, I wanted to give myself a boost. My review is below!

The one I have seen the most results from is the Red Carpet supplement. This is supposed to support skin and hair and oh my gosh, my hair is longer and feels shinier after a month of taking these! Y’all know I cut my bangs back in July (*cringe*) and in December I was bummed to see they hadn’t grown out as much as I would have liked. I started popping these around noon every day with my lunch, and bam, the bangs are almost framing my face! My nails are also strong and growing faster. I am extremely pleased with these and will be keeping up with them!

The other supplement I’ve been taking daily is the Uber Energy. This supports your energy levels by support your adrenals. Your adrenals have so much more power in your body than you really think. Because I suffer from thyroid disease, my adrenals become suppressed if I don’t take my meds regularly or if they’re off. I’ll be honest and say I’m not good about taking my thyroid meds at the same time every day and this may have skewed the benefits of Uber Energy. On the days that I consistently take my thyroid medication and the Uber Energy, I feel better; more clear headed, with some increased energy.


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Another HUM product (that I bought myself) are the Glow Sweet Glow Gummies that have hyoluranic acid and are supposed to help your skin. I popped two of these every single day and my skin has never felt better. Even in winter. I got so many compliments when I was home for Christmas on my skin and because I was doing nothing out of the ordinary with my skincare routine, I knew these were giving me a boost. Shop them here. Get 20% off your own order with: humtogether


I have two more HUM products sitting on my counter. Shop the Collagen Pops here and the Skinny Bird here.


This review is not sponsored, however, HUM did gift me Uber Energy, Skinny Bird, and Red Carpet.ย 

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