Let’s Wine About It!

Happy Thursday, friends, and welcome back to That Blonde Rebel!

I am so excited to share a fun collaboration I did with one of my Houston gal pals, Taylor!  Taylor and I both work together, wine together, and are known to karaoke together from to time – I am so glad I found a soul sister who thrives on living her best life as much as I do! Taylor has a side hustle as a wine consultant for Scout and Cellar Wines. Have y’all heard about this cool company?

Scout and Cellar curates a variety of clean-crafted wine from all over the world. So you might be thinking, what does clean-crafted wine even mean??

Clean-crafted wine means that the grapes must be grown naturally with no synthetic pesticides, there are zero grams of added sugar, zero chemicals, and it’s low in sulfites (hello, no hangover/guilt-free vino)! I have had several different wines from Scout and Cellar and they are all absolutely delicious and I am pain free the next morning. Getting smart with our wine drinking might truly be the definition of “adulting”. For more on this liquid gold, follow my girl Taylor on Instagram @wineandtaylored

As for me, I’ll just be over here wearing sweaters (that I’m too warm in) and sipping on this special sauce!

GS (25 of 253)GS (93 of 253)GS (122 of 253)GS (152 of 253)GS (104 of 253)GS (1 of 253)GS (220 of 253)GS (233 of 253)GS (193 of 253)GS (207 of 253)GS (185 of 253)GS (119 of 253)GS (179 of 253)

Shop: Sweater (regular, plus), Earrings, Sunnies, Bag, Jeans (similar), Booties

Cheers, y’all!

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