Rocking the Fringe

Happy Monday, friends!

I recently made a drastic chop to my hair, including some fringe (aka bangs, aka divas). Since I typically part my hair in the middle, these things have been quite the challenge to tame, but I’m slowly managing.


Here are 3 things you need to consider before getting bangs:

  1. Maintenance – from trims to product, these bangs are work! Be ready to commit!
  2. Time – if I don’t wash my hair everyday, then the bangs are up. They are long enough already to get in a high pony. I’ve worn them down about five times since I’ve cut them two weeks ago. Before bangs I could just throw in some dry shampoo and go, now I’ve got to put in the work to wash them, blow them dry with a round brush, flat iron, texturizer, and hairspray. I’m ready for them to be a little longer so I can make them more winged, more boho.
  3. Boldness – How bold do you want to go? I was inspired to chop my hair and get bangs by Courtney Kerr and Sienna Miller, but there are different styles of bangs. Do you want blunt, do you want Bridget Bardot? Do you want wispy, parted down the middle, like long layers. It’s a lot to consider.

When I went to cut my hair, the stylist said that she thought the bangs would look great on my face shape, but did I really want bangs or was I just having a moment? I thought that was hilarious. For me, this was a fun change, I just need to be better about styling them!


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Cheers to a great week ahead!

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