My Makeup Essentials

Hi all and happy Monday!

Yesterday I shared my makeup essentials for a minimal look and had several of you ask for the links to those products. Here they are!



Micellar Water – shop it HERE


Moisturizer – shop it HERE

Primer, BB Cream, Concealer, and Translucent Powder


Primer – shop it HERE


BB Cream – shop it HERE


Concealer – shop it HERE


Translucent Powder – shop it HERE

Eyebrows, Blush, Bronser, Highlighter


Eyebrow pencil – shop it HERE


Blush – shop it HERE


Bronzer – shop it HERE


Highlighter – shop it HERE



Lip Pencil – shop it HERE


Lipgloss – shop it HERE

Set it!


Setting Spray – shop it HERE

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial – for those that missed it, it is under the Beauty highlight reel on my Insta Stories!

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