Outfit Planning & Picking

Here’s the age old question you ask your bestie before any event,

“What’re you gonna wear?”

*And how about a shout-out to our gal-pals that actually tell you and don’t just say, “I dunno” when they actually do know? There’s a special spot in heaven for you fashion angels!

Even now, I can look back at my #instablogger feed and think, “Wow, I def should not have worn that together.” Now, no one’s perfect, even us amateur-bloggers. It’s the climb (right, Miley?). With that being said, though, here are a few things to consider when staring into the abyss of your closet and feeling like the world is going to come crashing down because you’ve got thirty-five minutes to pull it together and you’re still in your robe with wet hair.

Where am I going? Always consider where you are going. Is this outdoors? Indoors? What’s the weather like? Am I feeling bloated today? All good questions. I am typically a jeans and top kind of girl, but if I’m feeling up to the extra work (aka shaving my legs, applying lotion to shaved legs, making sure my calves don’t look too big because my shoes cut me off at the ankles. Real talk though, I have super thick calves. I blame my dad), I will throw on a fun dress. If not, jeans it is.


Who am I going to see? Are you going out for a girls-only, mimosa and gossip-filled brunch? Or are you watching the game with your man and his friends at the local watering hole? The biggest thing here is comfort. You should feel comfortable in your surroundings and not tugging at the off-the-shoulder top that just won’t stop sliding up. When I say who am I going to see, I don’t mean you need to dress for other people, but know your audience. For example, a dive bar, full of testosterone and buckets of beer, that serves peanuts probs doesn’t call for you wearing your uber-pricy Valentino rock-studs that you saved for four months to buy, right? You know those peanut shells will be stuck ALL over and you will be worried about it the whole time instead of just having fun watching your college team get pummeled because the O-line can’t defend their QB (Again, Ole Miss, I’m looking at you. Here’s to a better season. Sigh.).


And finally, what does the rest of my day look like? Am I sitting all afternoon? Are we walking around? Do I have to go to the grocery store later? Headed to a club? Is that dinner with Grandma tonight? Think ahead, plan ahead. Headed to the beach for an after-dinner cocktail? Throw a light shawl in your bag in case it’s windy, if not, use it as a makeshift blanket! Be resourceful, y’all. 

*Don’t choose a big event to be the time to break in your new shoes. Regardless of height or style, chances are your dogs will be barking or licking their wounds (aches and blisters) not long after you take that last look in your full length mirror and silently think to yourself, “How long until I can come back home, throw on sweatpants, and watch the rest of A Handmaid’s Tale?”


Sunnies (here), Earrings (here), Top (on sale NOW, less than $24, curvy here, regs here), Bracelets (here and similar here), Bag (similar here and here), Jeans (here), Shoes (here)

Be comfortable, be happy, and have fun! Fashion is supposed to fun, after all.

Toodles Poodles, Liza

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